Hal R. Johnson Memorial Scholarship

Mt. Carmel Elks Lodge #715

2021 Mt. Carmel Elks Lodge #715 Hal R. Johnson Memorial Scholarship applications are NOW OPEN.


2021 applications are due in the Guidance Department by no later than 3:00 pm local time on Thursday, April 29, 2021.


Instructions for completing the application:


1.  Open the link and fill out the fillable PDF application.

2.  Print the competed document.

3.  Attach required Essay.  Attach Reference letters.

4.  Deliver completed application with attachments to the Guidance Department.  Guidance will add your GPA and Class 

     Rank information.

5.  All applications will be obtained from the Guidance Department for review and selection. 

The 2021 Mt. Carmel Elks Lodge #715 Hal R. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Application is available in PDF format  by clicking the button above.

The Virtues of ...

Program Chairman:                                                                 Specific Application Questions:


Mike Ewald, Program Chairman                                            Questions specific to completing or submitting the application shall be

(812) 453 - 9034                                                                        directed to the MCHS Guidance Staff, (618)  262 - 5104.


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